Friday, January 09, 2009

Weak All Over Again

Today's Workout
5 x 7 second straight arm frog stand on 1 minute interval
6 x 5 second ring support on 30 second interval
4 x 7 second straight arm frog stand on 30 second interval
6 x 5 second ring support on 30 second interval
1 x 30 second bent knee hang
30 seconds rest
1 x 22 second bent knee hang
20 seconds rest
1 x 10 second bent knee hang

My wrist flexibility isn't what it needs to be for straight arm frog stands. Also, my ab strength and shoulder girdle strength is low. I really want to get my leg to arm contact point above my elbows but every time I moved it up that high, I couldn't keep my arms straight. Today's stands had my thighs contacting my forearms about 2/3s of the way to the elbow from the wrist. You have to lean a lot further forward when you straighten your arms and apparently my wrists are not happy going past 90 degrees. The extra stretch was uncomfortable and contributed to the shortness of reps.

I broke up the long sets of similar exercises but decreased my rest times for everything today. 30 second intervals really help boost your heart rate while you are performing these exercises, adding to the training effects. Yesterday's bent knee hangs (2 x 30 seconds) were performed with 1 minute 30 seconds rest between sets. Today, I tried to reduce that to 30 seconds rest with detrimental effect on the 2nd set. I almost quit with just the 52 seconds because my forearms were so pumped but I couldn't let it go and threw in the worst 10 seconds of the workout by demanding the last set from myself. For 10 seconds, it was just 1 mm of slip after another. I was afraid I'd be hanging from my fingertips before it was over but I made it.

I didn't do any WiiFit last night. It is like having a live in trainer who can't talk to you unless you talk to her first. If you just ignore her, she can't scold you. At around 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM yesterday, I crashed hard. The next couple hours were very hard as I could barely keep my eyes open. I assume the crash was due to making poor nutritional choices as lunch where I consumed 2 chicken legs and a large chicken gizzards from Lee's Chicken. Regardless, I only managed to eat about 4 bites of dinner before I retired to bed where I must have passed out by 7:00 PM or 7:30 PM.

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