Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Push-ups, No Letting Me Down Easy

I got a fair bit of exercise Saturday in the pool. Lots of handstands and spinning in circles, etc. Monday, after I'd thought I was in bed for good, I got up to work out. I wanted something easy, no equipment, but challenging. I settled on 100 push-ups. It took me between 45 and 60 minutes, I think. I started with sets of 10, resting between sets until I felt like I could do another 10. This took me to 80. Did a set of 5. Rested for a short while, less than a minute, then did another set of 5. I finished with a 4,3,2,1 with really short (5-10 seconds, sometimes less) rests in between.

Now, at the end of 100 push-ups, even though it took ages, I still felt it. Not a little either. Confused muscles wanted to know who signed them up for this outfit. They wanted their money back. Today, they decided to go on strike, and while they were at it, they burned down all the facilities.

I knew push-ups used a lot of muscles but I didn't count on just how often those muscles are used in everyday movement. Today, everything hurt. Laughing hurt. Pushing doors open hurt. Pulling doors open hurt. Accepting a 15 lb UPS from someone surprised me it hurt so much. My arms hurt on both sides. I expected the triceps to hurt but the biceps?! Stabilizing abs, deltoids, pectorals, but quadricepts?! And lots of little muscles around my spine.

100 push-ups in 1 hour. Not much of a goal but the workout is worth it.

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