Saturday, April 05, 2008

Walking on Barfuss

I've been reading about Barfuss trails recently. Since I haven't been able to find one, I decide to roll my own. On the way out of the zoo, I took my shoes off. I walked across cool wet grass, sidewalk, bumpy bicycle crosswalks, concrete, the back of the snake in the turtle park and across the sharp gravel in the turtle park. For a 10 minute self rolled barfuss walk, this was ok. My feet did feel a little invigorated. I think the back of the snake was my favorite; it had more balance too it but the back was rough enough concrete to make it invigorating. The gravel path was painful but not unpleasantly so.

It turns out there is one of these at Bastyr University in Seattle. I can't wait to get back there now.

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