Sunday, April 06, 2008

Four by 800?!

Recently there was a CrossFit workout that was four rounds of 800m each. Run each 800m for time and record the times of each round. You can rest as much as you need between rounds.

I think that once around my block is a little over 800m but here goes.
4 x 800m


The first round I set out way too fast but I was determined to put all I had in it. I was way past panic breathing at 3/4 of the way but I kept pushing. I crumpled at the end. It was rough.

The second round I tried to apply POSE running but while I get the principle, I don't seem to get the technique and I was getting more tired with less speed. Obviously, I'm not doing it right.

The third round, I just wanted to push a little faster but with a more even pace all the way around. I was OK until I hit the downhill at about half way (Did I mention I have 30-50' of climb in the first half and then that down for the second half?) when I started sucking wind hard and my legs started crying. I dropped my pace a little but not much and pressed on.

For the last round, I tried to stretch my legs without letting myself sprint too hard. I set a ground eating pace for the first half, even keeping my cadence high and a nice stride through the steepest of the uphill. At halfway I knew this was it and didn't slow at all. I did keep myself from the balls to the wall blast my legs kept asking for. At the final 50-75m straight (just barely uphill) to the driveway, I set it on burn, faster than I had been running but probably not as hard as I'd run from a bear. I was stoked to see I'd finished the last lap in under 3 minutes, and that I'd finished both the 3rd and 4th laps faster than the lap before them. I was also excited to see my PR time in the first lap, even if it did leave me blasted for the rest of the laps.

I think I rested 15-20 minutes between most of the laps. I wasn't timing my rests.

Now, my legs feel hot but good. Maybe we can walk around Creve Couer Lake later today. And who knows, a trip to the SkyZone trampoline gym would be really cool.

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