Thursday, April 10, 2008

Falling Down the Ladder

WOD - Pull-up Ladder
Start a continuously running clock.
Each minute do n pull-ps
where n starts at 1
and increases by 1 each minute.

1 - 90% strict, 10% kip
2 - 40% straight, 60 % kip
3 - first was 90% kip 10% fail,
- rest were jumping
4-15 - all jumping

I finished all 15 jumping pull-ups of 15
in about 40 seconds but I couldn't stand
back up to start round 16.

My arms feel like jello. With good
jumping pull-ups, the jump got me off
the ground but I could feel the finish
in my arms. Towards the end, I started
to lose that good finish and some were
just up as long as the jump lasted and
try to slow the descent at least a little.

I know I won't feel my arms tomorrow.
I've needed more pull-ups as I can feel
that I am backsliding fiercely.

I'm still shaking, 10 minutes later.

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