Monday, March 03, 2008

Two Out of Three

I continued with my exploration of SimpleFit today.
SimpleFit Week 1 Day 2
5 rounds for time of
2 x pull up
6 x push up
10 x squat

rest 3 minutes between rounds
don't count rest in your time

1 - 0:30
2 - 0:27
3 - 0:26
4 - 0:25
5 - 0:25

Total 2:13

Timer management was a pain in this one. I used a kitchen timer for the 3 minute rest intervals and a heart rate monitor watch for the rounds. I may have completed the last round in 24 seconds but I may have been a few seconds over the prescribe 3 minute rests to due to switching between timers.

I couldn't move any faster in the squats. I might be able to eek out a little bit from the push ups. The pull ups were a little slow but the transitions between moves probably cost me the most. The push up to squat transition started looking like a burpee in the last round.

I never felt winded on this one. It felt pretty good and my muscles are pleasantly warm from the effort.

I'm not looking forward to day 3. 10 pull ups is well past my max. The push ups and squats should be fairly easy with only 21 each.

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