Monday, March 31, 2008

Missing Maintenance

Several days ago, I did a few sets of push ups at work. Some with my feet supported on the swiss ball I use for a chair and some foot assisted handstand push ups.

Saturday, I went to the class at CrossFit Des Peres. I stuck with really light weights and cut most of my reps to about half of what they asked for. It was a really bad day. Just the warm up was enough to exhaust me. Ring supports were really tough. There is extreme tightness and pain in my right chest & shoulder. Strong determination was enough to hold me in place for 5 seconds at a time or so but discretion won out and I only did it a couple times. When it came to the WOD (1-10 ladder of push up, thruster, 20" box jump), I got to the 3rd round before I got so light headed that I stopped. Eating an apple helped enough that I didn't have to call my wife to come get me.

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