Monday, March 17, 2008

Double Dating Diane

Diane (as rx'd)
205 lb deadlifts
Handstand push ups

I had the flu about a week ago. The day I went back to work, I tried to do Diane with the deadlift prescribed weight and pike push ups instead of the handstand push ups.

Bad diet. Recovering from illness. Poor sleep. Too long with too little exercise. The reasons are legion but this was my worst workout in a really long time. I started with 3x7 deadlift. After each set of 7, my head was throbbing. I finished the push ups and started on 3x5 deadlift. After the first set of 5, I caved. I felt like I might cause a stroke. It didn't seem that hard to do the lift by it felt like all the blood in my body was rushing into my head. I really feared for my health so I called it quits for the day.

Surprisingly, or not considering my overall deterioration, I was quite sore for the next several days, especially between the shoulderblades. I took another several days off from working out.

Friday, I finally overcame something in my head and started eating a little healthier again. A couple salads on Friday. Better choices in restaurants. More fruit, less bread. I'm ready to start combating my current stress with physical work again. I just hope it lasts. It is time to weigh myself again.

Yesterday, I tried Diane again. This time I subbed handstand push ups with my knees on the bed. This sub was way too easy as I could do all the push ups in single sets. I really want to try pushing up from a headstand, or maybe I can do negatives. I just don't know.

Anyway, I wasn't trying to finish as fast as possible. I was determined to push through to the end but not too concerned about time. My unofficial time was about 15 minutes. I finished and I'm pretty happy to have done so. Towards the end of the deadlifts, I really had to concentrate on my form to avoid rounding the small of my back. No surprise then that I feel sore in my lower back today.

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