Monday, March 31, 2008

Missing Maintenance

Several days ago, I did a few sets of push ups at work. Some with my feet supported on the swiss ball I use for a chair and some foot assisted handstand push ups.

Saturday, I went to the class at CrossFit Des Peres. I stuck with really light weights and cut most of my reps to about half of what they asked for. It was a really bad day. Just the warm up was enough to exhaust me. Ring supports were really tough. There is extreme tightness and pain in my right chest & shoulder. Strong determination was enough to hold me in place for 5 seconds at a time or so but discretion won out and I only did it a couple times. When it came to the WOD (1-10 ladder of push up, thruster, 20" box jump), I got to the 3rd round before I got so light headed that I stopped. Eating an apple helped enough that I didn't have to call my wife to come get me.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Simple Together

Michele and I did SimpleFit together today. She did level 1 day 1 and I did level 2 day 1.


Level 1, Day 1

1 pull up
2 push ups
3 squats

Go for max rounds in 20 minutes.

Completed 21 rounds.


Level 2, Day 1

1 pull up
3 push ups
4 squats

Max rounds in 20 minutes.

Completed 23 rounds.
I may have actually done 24.

It was nice to workout together.

Early on, the pull ups were the limit for me. 3-4 reps of pull ups may have had a little bit of a jump to them. I tried to concentrate on going from a full stop at the bottom but as I fatigued, my attention to detail deteriorated. The last few rounds, push ups were getting really tough. After the last round, my legs were burning too.

All in all, this was a great workout for my current condition.

Double Dating Diane

Diane (as rx'd)
205 lb deadlifts
Handstand push ups

I had the flu about a week ago. The day I went back to work, I tried to do Diane with the deadlift prescribed weight and pike push ups instead of the handstand push ups.

Bad diet. Recovering from illness. Poor sleep. Too long with too little exercise. The reasons are legion but this was my worst workout in a really long time. I started with 3x7 deadlift. After each set of 7, my head was throbbing. I finished the push ups and started on 3x5 deadlift. After the first set of 5, I caved. I felt like I might cause a stroke. It didn't seem that hard to do the lift by it felt like all the blood in my body was rushing into my head. I really feared for my health so I called it quits for the day.

Surprisingly, or not considering my overall deterioration, I was quite sore for the next several days, especially between the shoulderblades. I took another several days off from working out.

Friday, I finally overcame something in my head and started eating a little healthier again. A couple salads on Friday. Better choices in restaurants. More fruit, less bread. I'm ready to start combating my current stress with physical work again. I just hope it lasts. It is time to weigh myself again.

Yesterday, I tried Diane again. This time I subbed handstand push ups with my knees on the bed. This sub was way too easy as I could do all the push ups in single sets. I really want to try pushing up from a headstand, or maybe I can do negatives. I just don't know.

Anyway, I wasn't trying to finish as fast as possible. I was determined to push through to the end but not too concerned about time. My unofficial time was about 15 minutes. I finished and I'm pretty happy to have done so. Towards the end of the deadlifts, I really had to concentrate on my form to avoid rounding the small of my back. No surprise then that I feel sore in my lower back today.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Today's was SimpleFit's day 3, judgment. If completed in less that 5 minutes, you are supposed to move on to the next week.
Week 1 Day 1
1 round for time
10 x pull ups
21 x push ups
21 x squats


My pull ups were sets of 1 and 2. Several probably fell short of full chin over bar.

I finished push ups in 3 or 4 sets depending on how you count sets. 10, 5, 3, rest 5 seconds in plank, 3. The couple breaks were probably 5 seconds each.

I completed the squats in 1 long set.

I guess 4:18 means I should move on to the next week. Since the only part I'm dreading is the increase in pull ups, I guess this fine. I need the work there anyway.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Two Out of Three

I continued with my exploration of SimpleFit today.
SimpleFit Week 1 Day 2
5 rounds for time of
2 x pull up
6 x push up
10 x squat

rest 3 minutes between rounds
don't count rest in your time

1 - 0:30
2 - 0:27
3 - 0:26
4 - 0:25
5 - 0:25

Total 2:13

Timer management was a pain in this one. I used a kitchen timer for the 3 minute rest intervals and a heart rate monitor watch for the rounds. I may have completed the last round in 24 seconds but I may have been a few seconds over the prescribe 3 minute rests to due to switching between timers.

I couldn't move any faster in the squats. I might be able to eek out a little bit from the push ups. The pull ups were a little slow but the transitions between moves probably cost me the most. The push up to squat transition started looking like a burpee in the last round.

I never felt winded on this one. It felt pretty good and my muscles are pleasantly warm from the effort.

I'm not looking forward to day 3. 10 pull ups is well past my max. The push ups and squats should be fairly easy with only 21 each.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Met Master

I suppose I mastered the Met though I have to admit I feel more like the Met mastered me.

42 stories of stairs, one way. I started out way too fast, going 2 steps at a time. That lasted for the first 10 stories. I stopped, drank a bit of water then set out again after about 30 seconds. At 20, things were a little worse. I had to sit for about 30 seconds before I could even hold the water to drink it. At 31, I had to lay on the floor for a couple minutes. By that point the pain in my legs and sides was ramping up and the rough burning in my lungs was just an after thought. I kept thinking they needed trash cans every 3 floors, just in case. Finally, I started up the last 11 floors at a steady, even, nearly slow pace. With about 4 floors to go, I started hearing someone at the top calling my name. With 2 or 3 floors remaining, Elizabeth found me to help me move it along. I finished the last 2 floors 2 steps at a time again and in serious pain.

I was the first to start of the CrossFit Des Peres people. CrossFit St. Louis was right behind us. I was the last of both teams to finish. It took me 18:30 to climb 42 stories. Not an impressive time, but I made it. I passed at least one person on the stairs who didn't seem like she would. She was lying on the landing on the 30th floor, only 1 floor from the water station. She had a friend with her. I hope she was OK.

At the top, I could barely stand. I tried sitting in a chair for a minute but it wasn't helping much. I went over and sat in the window at the top of the Met. The view was nice. Apparently, I looked bad enough that one of the volunteers brought me a large glass of water and was concerned. My legs and side were cramping, with my legs feeling really bad. After a bit I walked around because sitting wasn't helping them.

I don't know about other people but for a while after a really hard workout, I don't feel very social. Sometimes I wish I could just hide in a corner.

To leave the party, I had to go down two flights of stairs to get to the elevator. My legs were weak and hard to control. A couple of times I almost stumbled.

Now, half a day later, my lungs and throat are still burning and the rest of my body is in shock. I just hope I don't have nightmares about the Energizer bunny - whose drumming felt like a hammer to my head at the start of the stairs.