Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Easing Back In

I've had a severe sinus infection since Wednesday of last week. It is a poor excuse but it was enough to let me avoid working out for most of a week. Today, I thought I'd ease back into my workouts.
WOD (workout of the day)
100 box jumps 20" for time


If this was my idea of easing back into it, I need my head examined. These were full jumps, hips at least as high as they would be standing on the box. I admit sometimes my peak height wasn't until I jumped back off but I always fully extended my hips at the top. Pukie watched from the wings but never had the courage to hit me full on. I did stop to get a bucket at one point. It was a close thing.
Cumulative Split times:
20 0:49
10 1:29
10 2:24
10 3:18
10 4:29
10 5:19
10 6:17
15 7:35
5 7:59

My turnover rate actually improved towards the end. I started most sets on the even minute marks, especially the last 4 sets of 10 and the set of 15. The set of five, I started at about 7:45 or so, just determined to beat 8:00.

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