Saturday, February 16, 2008

Coach Coached the Coaches

I went to the CrossFit Des Peres class this morning. Dan and Brandon went to a CrossFit certification last weekend and it seems like they got a lot out of it.

There were 8 of us in the class today. We started with some pseudo Simon Says. Really it was just Brandon telling us what to do. First, run back and forth from wall to wall, then push ups then run then squats then run then burpees then run the jump squats then run.

Next, we did some skills. Lots of slow air squats and push ups for form. Brandon's focus on technique was awesome. Next we did overhead presses and 1 leg squats. The sqauts were not quite a pistol but were a great progression to a pistol move. I'll be doing more of these. Then we mixed push-presses into our overhead presses. Finally, we finished the skills out with work on deadlift form and then kettlebell swings all the way over the head. I appreciated Brandon's openness to the more traditional CrossFit swings. It sounds like he will be having us do both the CrossFit all the way over the head version and the Russian up to the shoulder version.

Finally, we did the WOD. Brandon wrote up 2 WODs and I picked the easier version. I just can't do 60 pull ups in a workout yet.
3 rounds for time
15 x body row
20 x wall ball (8 lbs)
15 x push press (35 lbs)
~400m run

16:47 (I think.)

My legs are destroyed. Standing up from a chair is rough right now. I'm sure this workout did me a lot of good.

Next week, I'm hoping to start doing SimpleFit 3 days a week for a little more structure then throw in 1-3 CrossFit WODs. I need to up my time spent training but I need to cut back a little on the full CrossFit WODs. I've been getting way too many injuries from pushing my body too hard.

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