Friday, February 01, 2008

Balance of Work

I've been having a hard time keeping to a consistent schedule recently. I'll do great for a bit then something, injury, illness, laziness, will keep me from working out for several days to a week. This, on top of my relaxed eating habits recently, has reduced the progress I'm making, particularly with my weight. Still, I am making progress. My recent results with Grace certainly show that.

Right now, I' fighting a bad sinus infection that has shut me down for three days and promises to make my weekend less productive than I'd like. At least I know the nutrition seminar tomorrow will be good. I hope I feel up to the workout afterwards.

I have a few short term goals right now:

each of these should be completed in one set

  • 5 kipping pull-ups

  • 3 strict pull-ups

  • 1 L pull-up

  • 5 minutes supported handstand

  • 30 seconds unsupported handstand w/movement

  • 10 seconds static unsupported handstand

  • 30 push-ups

  • 200 single-unders

It is interesting that all my current goals are gymnastic / calisthenics / bodyweight exercises. Strength exercises seem so much more achievable but then why focus on my strengths?

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