Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tabata x Four

Today's WOD from class was 4 continuous rounds of tabata with no extra break.

So 32 rounds, each round is 20 seconds with 10 seconds rest. 8 rounds each of 4 exercises. I used normal tabata scoring for each exercise because tracking every round was too hard. Normal tabata scoring is minimum number of reps completed in a round for the exercise. That means if you complete 7 rounds of 1000 reps and 1 round of 2 reps, your score is 2.

As performed
8 x Tabata Wall Ball (8 lbs)
8 x Tabata Push-Ups
8 x Tabata Squats
8 x Tabata Sit-Ups

I scored 10 on the wall balls, 5 on the push ups, 8 on the squats (I started going for 10 but by round 5 or 6 I couldn't complete 10 any more.), and 8 on the sit-ups.

This was my first exposure to tabatas and I really enjoyed it. It seems to teach your body to maximize recovery in a minimum amount of time and also gives you a lot of chances to dig deep psychologically.

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