Thursday, January 24, 2008

Nancy Stole My Dinner

For time
5 rounds
400 meter run
15 x overhead squats 95 lbs

I used 65 lbs for my OHS and finished in 24:32.

This workout sounds simple but was hellishly brutal. My first 400m was pretty quick for me. The first overhead squats were pretty easy but left me gassed. The next 3 rounds are a blur. After squatting, I barely maintained a fast walking pace on the laps. Every time I tried to speed up my heart rate went through the roof and I quickly ran into panic breathing. Even at a fast walk my breathing was barely under control.

Orie helped me set the pace on my last lap. It wasn't anything near my first lap's pace but it was definitely faster than the middle laps. I kept the pace up despite pukie's constant threat to visit. As I bent to grab the bar for my last squats pukie got the best of me and I left most of my dinner at the side of the track. Snatch the bar over my head, 5 reps and I dropped the bar on the 6th at the bottom. Another brief rest, snatch and 10 more reps. Finally, I was done.

The cold was a factor. Hours later, my lungs are still burning from gasping in the freezing air. As I lay there on the ground wondering who had lit my back on fire, the sweat froze solid in my hair. There is nothing quite like working out in adverse weather to build character. I think the temperature was hovering around 12 degrees Fahrenheit.

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