Sunday, January 13, 2008

Diane (Lite)

I've been wanting to do more of the prescribed CrossFit workouts. I know I have to scale them but I hope to work up to the full blown workouts. Today, I attempted Friday's prescribed workout Diane.

As prescribed, Diane is 3 rounds of 225 lbs deadlifts (DL) and hand stand push ups (HSPU), 21 reps the first round, 15 reps the seconds round and 9 reps the third round. I can't do HSPU so I subbed in modified HSPU with my knees supported in front of my body at hip height. I only used 135 lbs for the deadlifts and I only did 15-12-9.

Diane (lite)
135# DL
HSPU modified

4:03 (4 minutes, 3 seconds)

I learned that I need to use more weight, a harder version of the HSPU and I might need to switch to the full reps. As performed today, I challenged my mental ability to push myself but completely failed to push my body to its limits. At least I have a baseline for my next attempt.

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