Sunday, January 06, 2008

CrossFit Total - Lifted 3.24 x Body Weight

Today, weighing 245 lbs and standing 6’0” tall, I achieved a CrossFit Total of 795 lbs. This included a deadlift of 375 lbs, an overhead press of 145 lbs, and a back squat of 275 lbs. As a baseline for my first attempt at this, I am ecstatic with this weight.

I did have some problems. For several weeks, I’ve had something causing pain in my right neck and shoulder and radiating down my back into my right hip. The overhead press made this much worse, causing similar pain under my collarbone. The pain in my shoulder was great enough to force me to switch from a low bar position in the back squat to a high bar position and I really felt I lost some top end weight from this. With the longer moment arm, I had a much harder time stabilizing my core a high weights. The lack of stability caused me to fail to go deep enough on my attempt at 285 lbs.

All things considered, I’m very happy. I exceeded my goal of 3 x my bodyweight by 60 lbs. The group of people attempting this workout today was awesome. Megan did an amazing job. Seeing her deadlift twice her bodyweight was impressive. Kim did great and pushed herself to some great records. Elizabeth came late but still did a great job. Dan looked like the silverback he is, lifting close to 5x his bodyweight. And it was nice to meet the other Dan. Orie scores the sportsman of the day award for his efforts, lifting 790 lbs the day after 2 days of food poisoning.

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