Saturday, December 15, 2007

First Official Run - Frostbite 3K

I just completed my first running event. The first run of the 2007-08 Frostbite Series by the St. Louis Track Club. The weather was perfect for my inaugural Frostbite run. 31 degrees F, 2 inches of snow accumulated on the ground with more falling throughout the run. Running through slush was a new experience.

I owe sincere thanks to the gentleman who ran more than half the race to my right. I shall call him metronome until I discover his name. He set a perfect pace and offered encouraging words several times throughout the run, especially when I realized I’d just set a PR on the mile, halfway through a nearly 2 mile race.

Results (probably not available until after December 17, 2007) Until the official results are available, my wife’s unofficial report on my time is 19:01.

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ForMyLove said...

I know you did better than the time posted on the site! I've told several people that you did the race this week and their responses have been, "In that weather?" and "That's really good. I can't believe he did that." You've come a long way.