Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Great Trainer

I have to say my personal trainer is awesome. I asked her to look at CrossFit and she embraced it wholeheartedly. Today’s workout, 4 rounds of 20 overhead squats, then 35 seconds of max reps jumping pull ups. This was so intense. The overhead squats were with 12, 15, then 18 lbs for the last 2 sets.

I also discussed my concerns with moving too fast trying to learn the clean. It is a scary, highly technical skill and I want to make sure I have great fundamentals before I start adding a lot of weight.

I’ve been working with my trainer since April. She has literally changed my life. I’m healthier now than I was a decade ago and I have the foundation for a lifetime of fitness.

If you live in the St. Louis area and you are considering changing your life, let me know and I will put you in contact with my trainer. I really can’t stress enough how much she has helped me.

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