Thursday, July 05, 2007

Sustaining Capoeira

I’m two weeks into my first month of capoeira. I’ve missed 2 classes because I had something else going on, one for a good reason and one for a bad reason. I missed one class because there was no class on the 4th of July. That puts me at 5 classes in 2 weeks. I think I get a little extra credit because I’ve been practicing au normal (cartwheels, slow and controlled), bananeira (handstands, hold for long times, with wall for support for now), ginga (basic footwork) and cocorinha (squats, many at once, 50 – 100 at a time for now). I’m still holding off on push-ups in class because of my arm but at least I hold the starting push-up position while they do them and that isn’t exactly easy.

My cartwheels are already improving. I can slow them down a lot and I am gaining control over my body and legs as I finish them. Before too long, I hope to be able to move straight into a ginga the way everyone else does without losing a couple beats. Right now, the pause when I finish an au normal leaves me trying to catch up in the ginga.

I’m still trying to figure out how capoeira is going to affect my overall workout regimen. It is a strange mix of high cardio and strength. Also, as my body adapts to the new uses, I think the feel of a class will change. Already, I don’t feel quite so wiped out / winded during class. I sweat like crazy though. It is too bad classes aren’t outside on a lawn because I could water a lot of grass. Regardless, I’ve yet to see an out of shape capoeirista who wasn’t just starting out. This is a great start on that gymnast’s body I’ve always wanted.

The real trick for me will be keeping it up. Michele’s interest is already waning, if not completely gone. I have to learn to sustain my own interest and to force myself to go when lazy saps my strength and leaves me wanting to sleep in bed instead of going to humiliate myself in class. It would have been great if Michele wanted to do it with me but I’ve got to learn to take more responsibility for my life and my lifestyle.

I will try to make at least 2 classes a week for the rest of the first month. Maybe even 3 or 4 some weeks. That means going to the mixed level class tomorrow night so I have to go. There are no excuses.

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