Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Month of Capoeira

I’ve completed my first month. Really, I did just a little over 3 weeks and then took a week off. I think I went 10-12 classes in 3 weeks. Unfortunately, the ligaments and tendons in my legs have been aching and I don’t want to over train myself into another injury. During the week off, I’ve been doing ice baths to help with the swelling and aching and hopefully I’ll be good to go again on Wednesday.

Capoeira is awesome. The work out is tremendous and the agility is off the charts. I have so much fun with the movements and I still can’t believe I’m getting compliments. Apparently I move very well for someone with less than a month of training. I hope I can keep up the pace of progress.

I will be continuing capoeira as part of my regular conditioning routine. With 4 classes a week to attend, I’m hoping to make 2 or 3 every week, barring breaks for healing. Maybe I’ll post some pictures or video of me making a fool of myself.

If there is a martial art you are interested in, and you have not tried it yet, get up now, find a class and try it. It will be one of your best and most rewarding decisions.

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