Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Starting Over

I’ve started training again. I’m going to try 2×1/2 hour sessions of lower body work until I can resolve my nerve problems in my arm. Things feel like they are getting better but I’m trying hard to avoid over doing it.

Sunday I did a half hour. Body weight squats, step backs from a stool and an ab exercise (lay down, arms above head, legs flat, bring up arms and one leg to touch directly over waist, reaching high, go back down, repeat with other leg) were the first rotation. The second rotation was stool cross overs (start with left leg on stool and right leg on floor, stand up on stool, hop from left foot to right foot and step down with the left leg to the floor, reverse, repeat) and the sideways crouch walk, down and back. The first rotation seemed easy but my concentration and balance were way down. The second rotation sent my pulse into the stratosphere. I hope we incorporate some weights on Thursday. I’m not doing cardio work outs right now as I think capoeira will more than make up that particular need and it is much more fun. I might try some capoeira conditioning if I can’t make it to class some nights.

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