Sunday, May 13, 2007

Simple Isn't Simple

I’ve almost stopped watching television. I’ve completely stopped choosing television. At home alone, no alternative is less attractive than turning on the television.

I’ve mostly stopped playing big ticket games. Every console is disconnected (Wii, XBox 360, Playstation II, etc) and hooking them up is not appealing. I’ve canceled all my MMORPGs and the thought of playing them is slightly sickening. Even more astonishing, I’m not jonesing after any upcoming games that I will play for a couple of hours and then forget forever.

Consumerism haunts me like my shadow as I struggle to quash its last vestigial clutches on my habits. It seems that every turn leads to another reason to spend but for now, will rules. I know that spending will not increase happiness but the habits of a lifetime grip strong.

Rediscovered love of the farmers markets seems to be the key to decreasing our spending on food without a loss of quality or variety. Fresher, tastier, local foods for a lower price. If only my cooking lived up to the ingredients.

Simple is a life goal. Conscious living is not easy living but it is rewarding living.

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