Monday, April 03, 2006

Things that Make Noise in the Night

I really enjoyed our camping trip this time and think it was one of the better experiences we have had. Although I did not enjoy dinner Saturday night, we had cameled up enough at Mac Grille and it didn't matter.
Once we were snug in the sleeping bags, it was nice to look up and see the stars. A few birds annoyed me but most of the sounds were pleasant. Whenever I sleep outside, I can't help but think about the other things that are outside with me. Would the lost horse walk over our tent in the middle of the night? Would a racoon be curious by the metal on the tent and start clawing at the lining? Would we hear a panther, or even a bear growl close to us? I like animals but my imagination sometimes gets the best of me. When you're outside, the least little breeze makes a tiny leaf moving sound like a large creature is walking across it.
The storm that rolled through later that night was more stressful that the leaves ... mainly because we were about 15 minutes from a spot that had a severe tornado destroy several buildings about two years ago. I was almost in that tornado but was spared by being about five minutes behind the storm. The area STILL has not been cleaned up completely. As the lightning and thunder rolled in, I decided to push the memories of the other storm from my mind. We were there to enjoy the experience so I did what I do best. Sleep. Soundly. My new sleeping bag liner was a hit with me. I didn't get chilled the entire night.
I wasn't supposed to be able to go this past weekend because I was on call. Someone asked me to switch weekends with him and I'm glad he did. I really enjoyed the camping experience.

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