Saturday, March 18, 2006


We went to REI and the grocery store today and I made substantial progress in getting together things I need for the upcoming trips. I also put together our first camp breakfasts for us to try tomorrow morning. We will prepare them completely as if we were in camp, including the camp stove and utensils. I am going to try Regularity and Michele is having Gritty Nuts and Pineapple.

I bought a Tilley hat at REI. I think I am buying into the hype. I also bought a Photon III light (white) so I can show Dave what they look like.

Tomorrow, we are going riding with Dave and Chris on the other side of Pere Marquette park. We will be riding on the side that closes for hunting season and Dave says there is more chance to get lost. I wonder if I should let Michele know. She didn't enjoy being lost in Shawnee in November. We almost had to spend the night in the woods that time.

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