Sunday, March 19, 2006

First Breakfast Test

Regularity was pretty good though a bit mushy. Michele really liked her Gritty Nuts but didn't finish it.

I had a blowout on the ziplock bags and my cooking had was covered in slimy white goo (instant milk + starch from the Grape-Nuts). I ordered Aloksaks from Backpacking Light. I don't ever want to see that happen again. The extra quality is worth the cost but I have to keep in mind packing out the bags to see if I can clean them. I ordered the long handled titanium spoons from BackpackingLight as well. I can see the value of eating without getting goo on my hands.

I am having a hard time deciding if 1 or 2 stoves is the way to go for Michele and I. Portioning boiling water seems like a pain but I feel a little silly taking two stoves and fuel, even at 14g for the stove. I am using a titanium esbit stove from BackpackingLight. I also ordered a titanium windscreen.

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