Wednesday, March 15, 2006

False Starts

One weekend down and not much to show for it. I have purchased what seems like massive quantities of nuts and dried fruits that will contribute to meals on our outings. I have read the regular chapters and skimmed the recipes in Travel Light, Eat Heavy ( Many of the recipes in this book will go with us as we wander the wilds. I also received some gear I had ordered from Backpacking Light ( I am going to try Esbit stoves for water heating. I now have an insanely light, titanium Esbit stove. I also have a new skullcap shell hat in huckleberry purple.

Finally, today, I pulled out books and started researching places to go. I have to get off my lazy rear and do more work if we are going to succeed with this crazy scheme of mine. Some of our friends are getting interested in our insanity and we may have company for some of those weekends.

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